ScreenHunter_09 Feb. 10 14.44Good morning followers!

The last week of journey of our President Paola was full of events and appointments… she moved to the city of San Fernando, where our KITO-HEALTH unit is going to be located!

After some bureaucratic troubles dealing with the custom clearance of our unit, we are now ready for its opening while waiting for it to arrive in the barangay that KITO chose together with the officers of the city. As a matter of fact, our unit will be positioned in an area that covers 3,000 families which means approximately 12,000 people!!!

In order to organize everything, Paola has met ICLEI staff to discuss about the opening ceremony of KITO-HEALTH and also the City Health Officer, Dr. Eduardo Posadas, with whom she talked about the training for the correct usage of the unit which is going to be held by our Project and Training Assistant Shera.

We are going to see our unit open in the next days!

Last modified: 10/02/2014