trampolinHi folks! As mentioned in a previous post, we have great news!

Thanks to new donations and supports, we are now even more eager to broaden our range of action and face new challenges. Our vice-president Filippo, who is now working in the Philippines to find new partners, just gave us encouraging updates in this sense. He is discussing with a worldwide known NGO called ICLEI about the possibility of bringing one Kito-School in the Philippine Islands.

Furthermore he is getting through to International Care Ministries (ICM), a faith-based nonprofit organization aimed to deliver training to the poorest households of the country. Kito Onlus is indeed willing to finance the training of health and livelihoods to the poorest households of some communities (barangays) in Negros’ island and provide the poorest children with food and full-time education.

Discover the opportunities you have to make all of this even more real and immediate on our website and stay tuned for the upcoming posts… for hundreds of children in the developing world, their dream is coming true!

Last modified: 21/05/2013