Today we talk about the Kito Health Unit: since 2013 our energy-self sufficient, pre-fabricated mobile unit used to provide medical care is active!

As the one who follows us already know, Kito has decided to donate the structure to the city of San Fernando, the Union (Philippines). Over the years, many and various services have been provided: hygiene and prevention campaigns, anti-bullying initiatives, outpatient visits, general and first aid medical care, nutrition programs as well as post-emergency relief missions. The Kito Health Unit offers fundamental services as center for emergencies, this is obvious simply thinking that Barangay Sagayad, where the building is currently located, is an evacuation area during natural disasters. Unfortunately, however, the Philippines are affected by an average of 30 natural disasters a year and today the area of ​​Barangay Sagayad is no longer the most in need of aid. For this reason, thanks to the cooperation with local partners, Kito intends to move the mobile unit to another area of ​​San Fernando, Barangay Nagyubuyuban, where there is a greater need for medical care. Indeed, Barangay Nagyubuyuban is located in a remote and isolated rural area with a population of approximately 1400 inhabitants, consisting mainly of large families engaged in primary sector’s activities (agriculture, breeding).

This is the area that has been identified in the Barangay Nagyubuyuban, which is now being prepared for the placement of our Medical Unit.

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While, in the pie chart below you can observe the services provided in the unit during the first 4 months of 2017 in Barangay Sagayad.


As you can see, the main areas of intervention remain maternal health and nutrition. This is in line with the trends of the past years and with Kito’s main goals, which is aimed at supporting the most vulnerable sections of the population, such as women and children. In addition, the constantly positive feedbacks of the medical center guarantee that the activities of the Kito Health Unit will continue to be efficient and effective even once the structure will be moved to a needier area.

Last modified: 01/06/2017