It has been two years now since the Kito Health Unit was donated to the Barangay Sagayad of San Fernando la Union (Philippines) and the general evaluation is very positive. Thanks to the statistics and data we receive every month from the local BVW (Barangay Volunteers Workers) staff we are able to constantly monitor the medical structure. From an analysis of data collected between March 2014 and March 2016 we can now evaluate the impact of the project on the direct beneficiaries.

The most interesting data concerns the higher percentage of healthy children, increased from 66,53% to 73,11%, and the lower maternity rate, especially among teenagers, decreased from 0,76% in 2014 to 0,29% in March 2016. These two pieces of information are correlated: in the developing countries, less numerous families are usually more able to provide food for every family member and, as a consequence, it is less probable for each of them to get sick. The Kito Health Unit aims at supporting this trend by the promotion of Family Planning through birth control.

It is true that malnutrition is, apart from the number of family members, a common issue in the Philippines, as already outlined in this article. Data collected in the last two years and concerning the most diffused diseases in the community confirms this fact, by putting hypertension, influenced by lifestyle, at the first place of the list; researches conducted by Kito Onlus also pointed out the spread of bad eating habits among the Barangay’s population. In order to do something for that, during the next months the Kito Health Unit is going to focus on the organization of lectures and courses regarding a more healthy lifestyle.

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Last modified: 16/06/2016