altAhx2jhnWitxamCaGGoWkvOfj_bOZmXZHdyKlwzAH6PPnGood morning followers!

Today is a very important moment for KITO Onlus: this morning KITO-HEALTH has been opened and inaugurated in the city of San Fernando La Unión!

First of all, we want to say thank you to our president Paola Vecchiato,  who made this possible by overcoming all the bureaucratic difficulties that we had to face during the mission in the Philippines.

We also want to thank you the local community and officers that cooperated with us and ICLEI South-East Asia. It is finally important to thank all the people who took part in the process of construction of the unit and all of you who supported our project!

The KITO-HEALTH unit is now located near the elementary school of San Fernando and will function as a first aid and health care center.

But news are not over: starting from next week our Project and Training Assistant Shera will hold a health training for the local population about the correct usage of KITO-HEALTH and basic health instructions.

To know more about the progress of this great project, keep following us!

Last modified: 12/02/2014