The activity of the Kito Health Center (San Francisco, Camotes Islands) started the year of 2018 in a very promising way!

In February our Field Assistant, Architect Anna Orlando, went on a Monitoring&Evaluation Mission in order to verify the situation in the structure. All Kito Onlus’ projects, once they’re finished, are constantly monitored to make sure they are functioning successfully and in the proper way…just as our medical center is doing!

The members of the community keep on taking advantage of the facility’s services and assistance, while the presence of the Open Hospital software, installed thanks to the collaboration between Kito Onlus and Informatics Without Borders Onlus, is still very important in the activities’ management. Because of it, it is possible to keep an updated record of patients and of available pharmaceuticals; in the long term it is also possible to monitor the activities’ flow, how many people visit the center, how are the health conditions of its patients: knowing this permits to take the most appropriate decisions regarding future actions.


In February and March, the Kito Health Center received a total of 47 patients, of which a significative number had diseases of the respiratory system. These kind of diseases, among which there are tuberculosis and pneumonia, are among the most common causes of death in the Philippines and are mainly caused by smoking and air pollution, whose conditions get worse in urban areas. With the Kito Health Center, Kito Onlus tries to have a role also in the environmental field: the medical center was realized in order to be energetically self-sufficient thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system and was built using local materials. This makes it a project that, far from negatively impacting on the environment, tries to benefit the community not only in the health sector but also from the point of view of sustainability!



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