flooded hospitalHello Folks,

ICLEI Southeast Asia and Kito Onlus jointly decided to deliver our project as health-center. This decision has been based on four main criteria:

Primary, the educational system in the Philippines is relatively developed and extremely bureaucratized; Second, the educational system will not allow us to have more than 50 students per year while our goal is to reach as many children as possible; Third, the access to health care in the country is instead pretty tough and expensive; Finally, several researches and studies showed a huge negative correlation between the presence of a proper healthcare system during emergencies and child mortality.

Thanks to ICLEI-SEA contacts and local commitment, we will therefore be able to identify and select a local government with a poor healthcare system, poor infrastructures, willingness to adopt sustainable energy policies and at high risk of emergency. The local government will be in charge of the normal functioning of Kito-H while ICLEI and Kito Onlus will be monitoring its effectiveness and efficiency. Kito Onlus is also eager to improve its approach and it commitment with the community and, during the implementation, will allocate other 6000€  for doctors, medical equipment and supplies. We are now on the platform CharityStars to gather these funds (unfortunately this page is available only in Italian). If you want to make an independent donation you can choose among the possibilities described in this page.

To our followers in the Philippines: contact us at info@kitoonlus.org if you want to introduce us to your Government. We will send you the application and, once reviewed it, we will be happy to include it in our selection!

Last modified: 23/07/2013