Dear friends,

We are glad to inform you that our trainings are efficiently going on in San Fernando la Union (Philippine), thanks to our intern Alessandra and nurse Jennifer, who is providing a helpful support to the Kito Health Unit.

We consider extremely important to raise population awareness regarding hygiene in everyday life and we decided to intervene through some theoretical and practical trainings.IMG_7296

Alessandra and Jennifer are promoting new methods of water purification, namely the boiling water method, and they are encouraging the “hand washing” practice as well.

They are also giving warning to the most common diseases widespread in the area, like dengue fever, malaria and diarrhoea. They explained symptoms in order to allow people to recognize the different diseases and how intervene. In fact, Alessandra and Jennifer demonstrated how to prepare the ORESOL solution, that prevents dehydration.

Moreover, being involved a great number of women, our team of volunteers is dealing with the maternity issue: how to avoid it, how to control it, and how to face it. Learning by doing is very often more educational, so women took a challenge with a pratical activity: “What do you need in your bag when go to delivery room?“.IMG_7291

There is a very good attendance and people are extremely keen to get involved!

But our activities are not over, so stay connected for some news!

Thanks for your support!



Last modified: 14/04/2015