Last week in San Fernando La Union, 56 women and 1 man took part in our Hygiene trainings, focused on hygienenutrition and respiratory diseases.
Nurse Jennifer with the help of the Barangay Health Workers explained the importance of domestic and public hygiene to prevent diseases.
Regarding this topic, tuberculosis and its symptoms were highlighted, being one the major illnesses affecting the country.

Collage 2015-04-23 11_49_52-2Moreover, some practical activities raised awareness among the participants on the benefits of a good and healthy nutrition.
They built up the food pyramid and then they analysed it classifying the food in GO – GROW – GLOW foods.
At the end of the activities, a discussion took place about environmental and social conditions that lead to malnutrition.
A special section of the training was dedicated to feeding, in particular to breastfeeding thanks to the kind availability of a participant who demonstrated the correct posture and procedure.

Last modified: 23/04/2015