Being the “Health, hygiene and prevention training” over, Barangay Captain distributed personal certificates and most importantly the “Kito hygiene kits” (composed by toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, cleaning soap) to the 90 people coming from Barangay Sagayad (San Fernando La Union, Philippines) who participated to the trainings.
Moreover, the Barangay contributed with some school kits that have been distributed to the most needy children of the community.
Kits are very important instruments in everyday life but also in case of emergency: they allow people to have everything they need to maintain an appropriate hygiene condition when natural hazard hits their lives.

City mayor Pablo C. Ortega, Dr. Rilloraza from CHO, Miss Katherine Iona Muller and Mr. Valmar Valdez from CENRO interveened during the joyful celebration to congratulate all the participants.
Kito Onlus were present too, thanks to our intern Alessandra Frizzera who supported the trainings’ organisation.
We are very pleased that participants took part in our project with enthusiasm and willpower! We are sure they are now well prepared for every contingency!
Well done everybody!


Last modified: 08/06/2015