Let’s start with a quote by Regina Lopez, Philippine’s ex-environment minister: “Who suffers if you kill the environment? It’s the poor”. From this perspective, today, on the International Day of Biological Diversity, it’s important to remember that biodiversity covers a wide range of issues, actors and initiatives.


What? Biodiversity concerns stakeholders in sustainable agriculture; health and sustainable development; energy; knowledge-sharing and capacity-building; urban resilience; sustainable architecture; disaster risk reduction; vulnerable groups of the population; and food security, etc.

Who? Biodiversity affects all parts of the population, from the most vulnerable ones to the stakeholders, the North and the South of the world.

Why? Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth. And, as such, everyone’s concern is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities and the human rights of future generations. Indeed, the loss of biodiversity affects negatively many aspects of our life starting from human health, passing through agriculture, reaching the industry.

We are here today to remember you that Kito Onlus, as an organization who has always been fighting to support the most vulnerable parts of the population and to provide them the tools for a sustainable future, to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings, to use a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation, is a model of best practices in many of the issues covered by biodiversity. Check the “what” section and tell us which of these fields is not part of Kito’s activities’ program… Checked? Well the answer is no one!


Last modified: 22/05/2017