The Coronavirus outbreak around the world is touching also the humanitarian and aid sector. For this reason, a few days ago, the Sphere movement released a four-page document guiding all humanitarian workers through the Coronavirus response by referring to relevant parts of the Sphere Handbook.

The Sphere movement was started in 1997 by a group of humanitarian professionals aiming to improve the quality of humanitarian work during disaster response, and the Sphere Handbook offers a holistic, people-centered approach to humanitarian work.

In their document concerning the Coronavirus emergency, they give three important recommendations.

First, they encourage people to treat each other as human beings and not just cases. Indeed, human dignity must be recognized as a core value in humanitarian response in order to avoid stigmatization and discrimination and to ensure people’s rights to protection and assistance.

Second, they promote active community engagement to identify and address rumors and misinformation and to support an effective response to emergencies of this type. Especially, shared social norms can push towards correct hygiene practices that prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus disease, such as regular handwashing.

Finally, they underline how the needs of affected communities go beyond medical needs, encompassing also psychological and economic needs emerging during and after the emergency.

Kito Onlus, both at its headquarters and in the field, is committed to following such suggestions and seeks to apply them all throughout its projects, especially the WASH project in the Philippines.

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