Kito is a non-profit organization based
in Padua, Italy

Our final goal is to achieve social solidarity
in the health and education sectors, intervening
in those countries that are most in need,
both through prevention and emergency
response programmes.

Our main work is about emergency preparedness and response

by promoting the right to education and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, guaranteeing the access to basic sanitation and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We build energy self-sufficient structures that can be easily moved from one place to another and that provide the first level of assistance to the population affected by natural disasters and allow a smoother return to normality. Moreover, we work on the creation of permanent structures which can be used both for medical and educational purposes, built and managed in a sustainable and efficient way, as well as on livelihoods, resilience and WASH projects.

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A long-term vision for a sustainable development

Kito’ response design comes from an accurate assessment of the operating environment

We have analysed the typical temporary first-emergency structures used following a natural disaster where we operate. These structures are often inappropriate to withstand major natural disasters. This is the case in most contexts with unstable tents and huts built where the urban legislation is limited, where land ownership is not well defined and where it is often difficult to get the authorizations needed for building semi-permanent and/or permanent facilities.

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The Philippines: not a random choice

We mainly work in the Philippines, a country with high levels of vulnerability, hit by an average of 30 natural disasters per year, including typhoons, earthquakes and floods. We do not only intervene during the emergency phase, but we also adopt a long-term vision which allows us to foster a sustainable development, helping the affected population to overcome trauma and to better deal with future calamities.In addition, we work for the improvement of their living conditions, especially by offering training on health, sanitation, nutrition and child safety.

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