monster-typhoon-philippines-haiyan_73273_600x450One of the very most catastrophic typhoons ever has stricken the central Philippines . The death toll, already at 10,000 in the city of Tacloban alone, is expected to grow. The state of emergency has been declared, and on the fourth day after the typhoon struck, rescuers are facing blocked roads and damaged airports as they race to deliver desperately needed tents, food and medicines to the devastated Philippines. However, more than 20 typhoons almost just as destroying hit the Philippines every year. We always share with you on this blog, Facebook and Twitter our concern and our willingness to give further assistance and be more and more prepared! That is why we want to give a concrete response with a long-term facility to face this emergencies every single time. Actually our KITO-HEALTH Mobile Unit could reach Leyte (one of the islands most affected by the last typhoon) in just one day and be a reference point for medical assistance and emergency communication.

It seems clear that with no shelter nor food the situation is to degenerate, while coordination among international organizations is just  as necessary as well as complicated it can possibly be. In fact, one of the most dampening circumstances is the difficulty experienced in transmission of vital information, since the light has knocked out and there is no signal, making communication only possible through radio. We know that and that is why we equipped our mobile unit with an emergency communication kit able to work in the worst circumstances. The massive destruction might bring the Philippines down on their knees, if international help will not be prompt and efficient.

Help us to be even more efficient and responsive for all those Filipinos who are facing (or will face) this unpredictable and inestimable catastrophe! A small contribution can be vital for these communities and to train them on the best practices to prevent and be prepared for such a disaster! Donate now!

Last modified: 11/11/2013