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On Monday 23th the last session of the “Health, Hygiene and Prevention Training”  was held in Tulang Diot, Municipality of San Francisco, Camotes Islands. During this third and last session the nurses Hazel, Jester and Christine presented many different topics: Hazel, together with Kay Patricia Villeno, who is a nurse specialized in the treatment of tuberculosis, focused on respiratory diseases, while Jester talked about family planning and sexually transmitted diseases, presenting also artificial contraceptive methods. Then Christine presented the theme of complementary feedings and finally all the main topics of the three training sessions were reviewed. At the end of the session the final quiz and a questionnaire for final evaluation were distributed. Also in this session the participation rate was about 100%.

1613762_816686565089656_2414852543694637377_n The day after, Tuesday 24th, we celebrated the end of the “Health, Hygiene and Prevention Training” in Tulang Diot. The final event was organized by the nurses who have taught during the training and it took place from 16:30 to 18:30 , in the presence of all the participants and guests: two officials representing Barangay Esperanza, the Rural Health Unit team, the principal of the elementary school in Tulang Diot and the DRR office staff.

Aricel and Herzel conducted the entire ceremony, starting from the prayer and the national anthem, which are always transmitted in this type of events. Then all the people listened to an audio message from the president of Kito Onlus, Paola Vecchiato, and the welcome speech by the Kito Field Assistant, Liliana Demartini. The importance of these activities in order to develop preparedness and resilience of the community when there is an emergency, as well as disseminating good hygiene practices useful in everyday life, were highlighted. Then the institutions of the municipalities as well as all the beneficiaries, who have enthusiastically embraced the project and actively participated, were thanked. After a “welcome dance”, performed by some of the participants of the training, the barangay official, Mr. Jembee Macaraya held his “inspirational message”: he thanked the action of Kito in Tulang Diot and the importance of the prevention phase in the cycle of disaster risk reduction.

11080916_816683648423281_3958159849642224468_nThen the kits and certificates were delivered to the participants. Christine took care to announce the names of all individual participants, who were invited to come to the stage where they received congratulations and a certificate from Dr. Almadin and Barangay Official Mrs. Reston, and the hygiene kit from the representative of Kito. The kit contains a toothpaste, four toothbrushes, a soap for personal hygiene and a laundry soap, plus some hygiene tips in vernacular. The groups which presented first the final quiz with all the correct answers were awarded with extra snacks, cookies and fruit juices. After the delivery of all certificates and kits, snacks were offered to all the participants, while a video presentation with photos and videos recorded during the training was being shown.

The merits of the facilitators of the course (6 nurses from the NDP Program) were then recognized, and a special recognition was given also to the midwife Mrs. Gloria, for having supervised throughout the course as well as mediated by the organization with the community at Tulang Diot. Finally Mrs. Happy Luchavez, one of the course participants, thanked in the name of all the beneficiaries, the organizers of the training, and expressed the desire of the community to see an health center in the island one day.
The activities were closed with final photo with all the participants and organizers…music and dance!


Last modified: 26/03/2015