“Dear all, with great pleasure we communicate that the Valdese Evangelic Church has approved your funding’s request”

Few words, aren’t they? But they have been sufficient to make Kito Onlus keep dreaming. Indeed, on September 7 2017, we have been acknowledged we won a 30.000 euros call for funding that will allow us to finish the recostruction of Banilad Elementary School, Philippines. Once again we keep on deeply thanking OPM- Chiesa Valdese for believing in us and our projects!

We are ready to restart: on October 3rd a young architect is leaving with Architects Withour Borders Veneto to direct the yard.

Just to refresh your memory a little.. 

The project has been shared with Pinamalayan Municipality, with Oriental Mindoro’s Education Department, and the Vice-Governor of Oriental Mindoro’s Province. Such meetings have been necessary to guarantee financial support to the school and for gathering specialised workforce.

Thus, the local community has been invoved in the project since the beginning: 5 specialised workers have been selected to follow all the yard’s stages and to train volunteers. The main goal of the involvement of the local community has been and is developing a real collaboration and self-determination spirit.

The building, damaged during Nona Typhoon in 2015, was built in the 70s with bad quality materials and the structure was not suitable for typhoons as violent as the 2015 one.

In the meantime children have been following classes in temporary tents exposed to any weather condition. Banilad School is a primary school so students have between 5 and 10 years.

After some inspections by both Kito Onlus and Architects Without Borders Veneto in cooperation with all the above mentioned stakeholders, the decision was taken in November 2016: first a complete demolition of the remainings of the building, then a complete rebuilding of the three classrooms to end up with the realisation of an external structure resistant to both typhoons and earthquakes. While waiting for the funds we are starting with the recostruction of the foundation!


Last modified: 22/09/2017