Recently Kito Onlus has received a very important support from the municipality of Padova. The municipal council, following a proposal of Assessor Marina Buffoni, who had already showed her interest in our organization’s activities, has awarded a € 10.000 grant to Kito Onlus’ Health Center for emergencies in San Francisco, Camotes Islands. With this contribution, and as already planned in the project, the health center will be provided with an energy storage system with photovoltaic panels able to supply electricity. The structure, entirely built with natural local materials will be energetically self-sufficient and an example of sustainable construction. The success of the health center – we’ve recently talked about it here – is of great importance since the municipality of San Francisco, which is difficult to reach especially during natural disasters, lacks of medical structures and has an extremely precarious electricity grid.

An electrical connection is essential during emergencies for it ensures that the medical activities take place and it permits to keep in touch with emergencies’ units thank to the proper functions of Internet connection.

Stay tuned for news!


Last modified: 19/09/2016