This year too, Kito Onlus wants to share with its supporters and donors the 2019 financial analysis, showing how funds were raised and how the budget was allocated so that they can clearly evaluate our work.

In 2019, we gathered 52.872,88 €, 77% of which represents the contribution of the Waldensian Church, which proves that the work carried out by Kito Onlus is valid and worthy of being financed. The remaining 23% was given by private donations, 5×1000 and public contributions, and crowdfunding.

Moreover, Kito Onlus has participated in a new call for proposals of the Valdese Church, whose results are expected in 2020.

With regards to the budget allocation, as the graph below shows, the highest percentage, 94 %, was devoted to the implementation of our projects.

This positive experience and the good reputation that Kito Onlus has been able to create, both locally and abroad, encourages us to believe that in the coming years the organization will continue to obtain significant and concrete results. We take this opportunity to thank all of you for your contribution and we hope you will continue supporting our cause!

Click this link to read the Annual Report 2019, and this link for a brief description of the 2019 activities!

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