Much of Kito Onlus’ committement this year is to the project in Caldarola, an earthquake zone in the Marche region. The project provides for the construction of a multifunctional centre, which will be allocated to laboratories and activities for the entire community and in particular for children.

After last March meeting between Kito Onlus’ president, Paola Vecchiato, and Caldarola’s mayor Luca Giuseppetti, when the project started, it is successfully going on.


The choice of a local company which uses local materials was for Kito Onlus crucial and in conformity with previous sustainable choices in projects in the Philippines.


Here the area near the SAE (Soluzioni Abitative per l’Emergenza) village, where mining operations have started. As soon as the basement will be ready, the prefabricated wood structure will be build up!!


Last modified: 28/12/2019