Have you ever wondered how it is like the fieldwork of an organization like Kito Onlus? What are the tasks of a Field Assistant, for example?
Fieldwork includes many different activities: meetings (presentations of new projects, discussions), on-site visits, progresses’ monitoring, reports writing, trainings. It is necessary to be always up to date with the latest news, willing to listen to others’ opinions, capable of solving problems. During meetings, all the stakeholders (meaning, all the people that will be somehow touched by a project) should get the chance to partecipate: they may be, for instance, engineers or workers of a construction project, or the entire community in an hygiene and prevention training. Kito Onlus always tries to involve the direct beneficiaries and the members of local administrations because, in order to reach a long-term development capable of going beyond a determined emergency situation, support and participation of the community is necessary. Meetings are held during all the phases of a project, from its conception since its implementation, and they are useful in underlining both problems and new strategies in order to face them.
An idea must be shared in order to work properly and a community should perceive a project as its own and not imposed by others.

Training are another fundamental part of fieldwork. Our Typhoon-prone Construction Training, held in March 2016, for example, of which we are very proud of also for the participation rate, highlighted some of the obstacles we still have to overcome, such as language barriers that prevent communication and comprehension from  being easy and immediate. Still, every problem is a challenge we are ready to face, willing to always find the best solution possibile. This is actually the only way we can improve!

Of course, this job is also very satisfying. Having the opportunity to watch a project like San Francisco’s  Health Center literally grow is really exciting!

progressi costruzione

Last modified: 27/05/2016