In San Fernando La Union the last hygiene training has been concluded, treating subjects as sexually transmittable diseases, birth control and complementary feeding.
Madame Rebecca, from the City Heath Office intervened to explain – theoretically and practically – the correct use of thecondom which is essential in the fight against sexually transmittable diseases.
Concerning the issue of birth control, nurse Jennifer listed all the contraception methods, starting from the natural ones to the artificial ones, and she also explained the advantages and disadvantages linked to each one of them.
Moreover, Jennifer made revision of the concept of food pyramid, previously treated.
To conclude, an individual test had been made in order to recapitulate and then in groups our participants corrected it comparing their answers and exchanging their experiences.
At the end of the training, 4 students coming from the University of Manila for a local experience in the field of medical assistance realised their medical mission.

Next meeting? The culmination day! Participants will be awarded for their efforts… And it will be a pretext for some celebrations! Don’t miss it


Last modified: 25/05/2015