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This summer has been, unfortunately, one of the most cruel of the last years: the situation in Middle East has been explosive, the relationship Kiev-Moscow is still full of tensions and a new, dramatic epidemic of Ebola has spread among West African countries.

Here some of the most remarkable and dramatic events of the “long summer” of 2014:


  • A new conflict has began in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces started the Operation Protective Edge against Hamas, 475,000 people in Gaza were forced to leave their houses, and 2,000 civilians got killed.
  • In Iraq and Syria the militant fighters of the terrorist group for the Islamic State (ISIS), have started to gain power with the threat to declare a new jihad against the West countries. The US has started air raids against them.


  • Ukraine keep blaming Russia to have invaded with troops and tanks some parts of its country, the crisis is now a concern also for NATO and the European Union
  • According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), the virus of ebola has already killed in West Africa 2,500 people and 20,000 are at risk of infection. Several NGOs in the territory, especially Medecines sans Frontieres (MSF), are calling for more and more assistance by governments and the international community.

Kito Onlus, as NGO with the purpose of bringing solidarity and first aid to countries in complex emergency situations, it is not indifferent to what is going on and it is carefully monitoring the situation bearing always in mind, as main concern, the protection and the safety of the victims of these humanitarian crisis, both conflicts and natural disasters. At Kito, we are working in these days to build strong partnerships in the field and intervene as soon as possible to help the most vulnerable groups to recover soon.

Last modified: 07/09/2014