ScreenHunter_78 Nov. 04 16.28Hi everyone!

We hope you are having a great week start! We promised you a good tip to travel safe every Monday, so here we go! Actually, as the first post of November we thought it might be interesting to give you some alternative advice. Travelling and working in countries where the access to cures may not be that simple, it could be helpful knowing how to take care of oneself, especially if the drugs we usually use for, say, coughs flues and headaches are not immediately available. Plus, it’s November, and only a very few make it through winter without even a cold! So here you are, TIP OF THE WEEK!


If you feel tired, and you are experiencing strong headache and other flue-related symptoms, you might want to try an herbal remedy: wash and chop some Yerba Buena leaves (it is a type of mint, if you do not dispose of it you are also set with normal peppermint); boil two tea spoons of them in water (this procedure is called “decoction“) and drink a cup of this tea every three hours. This will help you if you also have respiratory tract infection as it works as analgesic. If you experience headache, take the warm leaves and make a warm pack to be put on your forehead. This is a natural remedy very much used in the Philippines and in other Asian countries!

Last modified: 04/11/2013