ScreenHunter_78 Oct. 28 11.56Hello followers!

This week we are preparing a helpful guide to good health practices, stuffed with life-saving info to be used in the Philippines but also in any other developing country you might happen to travel to or work in.

So we have included quite a lot of interesting facts to help people deal with all kind of sickness and unpleasant other things – which we are going to spare you. However, we considered it could be real helpful to share this knowledge with you all, since you are probably often travelling in regions where this facts – let’s say it – could make your day.


The good advice you definitely have heard before, is to wash your hands as often as you can when in unsafe environment as far as sanitation is concerned. It can seem obvious, but it surely is something that in a developing country could save your life. Interesting fact, to make sure you ARE cleaning your hands you should take the time of singing completely the song HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. This song takes just the correct time to wipe and scrub off all germs and bacteria you do not want to have on you. Remember to use soap and rub your hands and wrists vigorously and rinse thoroughly. Get acquainted with this practice and you will be OK in every part of the globe!

Next Monday a new tip!

Last modified: 28/10/2013