A new week has started and we want to tickle your curiosity with a new, awesome, tip of the week! As you may already know, a great useful tool is the TIPPY TAP to avoid intoxication and bacteria transmission. You don’t know what it is and how to use it? Hold on, we are here for that!


The tippy tap is a great way of improving sanitation especially in rural areas and developing countries: it is a hands-free device, very easy to build, hygienic and water-saving. So, how do you make it?

You will need: 2m forked sticks, tools to dig, a water container, soap, needle, strings.

#1: dig two holes in the ground and about 1.5 m apart from each other

#2: place the sticks in the holes and ensure they are level. Then, fix them by pouring gravel or additional soil, pack tightly. Then balance a third stick on top of the first two horizontally.

#3: with the needle make holes in the water container. Make a hole in the soap as well and thread string

#4: hang the container and the soap to the stick, fill the container with water.

#5: attach a string on the container on one side, and to a foot lever string on the other. In such a way, when you step on the lever water will be poured.

Pretty easy, right? It is important to keep in mind that in emergency situations – such those we encounter as an NGO working in the field – water is truly the primary issue and resource to preserve and use accurately. Next time do not forget, water is precious, and we should not waste it as most people in the world really struggle for it.

Last modified: 02/12/2013