aqueous-solutionsHello everyone!

On Monday we did not come up with a tip of the week, but we could not ignore the terrible facts happening in the Philippines. Therefore now, we would like to draw your attention on an issue that many people are experiencing today, especially in the Philippines. When a typhoon strikes, it destroys all what it encounters, however, one of the things no one would think are lacking in such floods, is drinkable water.

So how to help out if you ever find yourselves in such situations? Read through our tip of the week and you will find out!


Good advice to make water safe for drinking involves just a few items, which you can find almost everywhere

#1 – always collect and transport water in covered containers, in order not to let insects and bacteria in.

#2 – do not drink directly from the dipper nor immerse hands in the water stored.

#3 – to obtain safe water expose water in covered clear plastic bottles to the sun, for at least 2 days. Heat and ultraviolet radiation kill germs. Either way, you can also boil it vigorously for at least one minute

#4 – Water can also be filtered through sand and stones. In a first container poke some small holes at one end (say, on the bottom of a water bottle). Fill the container with a first layer of cotton or sand, a second of small stones or charcoal, or whatever you might find in your environment, and a third layer with bigger stones. Then gently pour the water in the container and let it drain in another or collection.

Now you know it all, come check out next week for more tips!

Last modified: 13/11/2013