sflu 266Dear friends,

Our effort to ensure a healthier and happier childhood to Filipino children continues through our support to the deworming program in San Fernando.

Worm infections affect the poorest and most deprived societies in the world. According to the World Health Organization, latest estimates show that more than 880 million children in the world need treatment for these parasites. The Philippines are among the countries experiencing a high distribution of intestinal infections.

Worms are transmitted by eggs present in human feces which in turn contaminate soil in areas characterized by poor sanitation. Infections impair the nutritional status of those affected, causing intestinal bleeding, loss of appetite, diarrhea or dysentery and reducing the absorption of micronutrients. These symptoms have a negative effect on the well-being of adults and children, lowering the quality of life and worsening school and work performances. Moreover, people with heavy worm infections are more likely to contract other diseases: deworming treatments help to strengthen natural body defenses to fight against other illnesses.

In countries with high prevalence of infections, deworming is recommended twice a year. Kito Onlus supports the City Government in the distribution of deworming pills, which are administered in April and October. Last month only, 395 children aged 0-12 have undergone treatment in our health facility located in San Fernando. Kito staff is also promoting health education to prevent reinfection. At the same time, advanced sanitation and improved hygiene practices are reducing soil contamination with infective eggs.

Thanks to your help the community of San Fernando is moving forward towards lasting development and resilience!

Last modified: 12/05/2014