With the Rain Season approaching the Philippines, it is of fundamental importance the awareness regarding Dengue Fever prevention. This perilous disease can be transmitted by a particular kind of mosquitos, species Aedes, very diffused in tropical areas of the world.

In the Philippines the problem is hugely spread: only in 2015, more than 200.000 cases have been registered throughout the Archipelago. Dengue is extremely dangerous and in worst cases can give raise to internal bleedings and eventually, also death in affected subjects; unfortunately, it hits manly children.

From April 2016, Philippines are the first country in the world to provide a vaccine to the private market and to start an immunization campaign against Dengue.


The vaccine implementation process is been monitored also by the World Health Organization even if formally, it still did not expressed any public recommendation on the use of the particular drug providing immunization.

Notwithstanding the vaccine to bring common side effects as fever, headache and muscular pain, studies demonstrate that its use bring a reduction of 65.6% of Dengue symptoms, 93.2% of worst cases occurrence and 80.8% the need for hospitalization.

This shows the great innovation that the vaccine introduction could bring on Philippines citizens health and especially to children. In fact, Philippines ministry of Health has recently declared that 1 million children will need to benefit from the vaccine.



The municipality of San Fernando – La Union is in these days, implementing a prevention campaign against the spreading of Dengue aimed to the elimination of natural habitat of Aedes mosquitos through spraying of disinfectant in affected areas.

This action is among others belonging to an ample project of Health promotion to which Kito Onlus is been a partner for years now. This, together with other programs, like bad nutrition tackling and births monitoring, aim to ameliorate local population welfare in the region.

Last modified: 25/10/2016