Last week our former intern Liliana has graduated from her Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance defending a thesis that she has developed starting from her experience in the Philippines, where she has worked with Kito Onlus as Field Assistant for a period of three months based in San Francisco, Camotes Islands.

The thesis, developed in English and entitled “Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in a gender perspective: an investigation on the case of the Philippines”, has the objective of analyzing the presence of a gender perspective in CCA (climate change adaptation) and DRR (disaster risk reduction) policies, taking as a case-study the Philippines, a country that is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change; in particular, the analysis has concentrated on the municipalities of San Francisco (Camotes Islands) and Tubigon, where approaches to DRR and CCA policies in which the role of women is particularly integrated have been developed, even though the two cases present their own peculiarities: San Francisco has developed such system with a community-based approach, involving the purok system, whereas Tubigon has developed, in partnership with ICLEI – Southeast Asia – several projects to develop female leadership within CCA.

The idea behind the research is that of highlighting and demonstrating how climate change and its effects are not gender neutral, and how instead democratic, participatory and bottom-up approaches based on the human-rights framework – such as the one of San Francisco – can represent an efficient method to really take into account vulnerability and female resources.

Laurea Liliana

A very interesting job indeed, and one of great interest especially nowadays.
Kito Onlus would like to congratulate Liliana for addressing this peculiarity of the municipality and community of San Francisco, as well as for the results that she has reached!! Good job!!

Last modified: 01/03/2016