climate-summit-logo-7137a10fa7bbee09023a56c3baab4e05Dear followers,

Last week, 22-28th of September 2014, the UN  Headquarter in New York City has hosted the “Climate Summit 2014“, one of the most important initiatives in preparation of the “2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference” that will be held in Paris at the end of the next year. The Summit has been promoted by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in order to create a strong collaboration among the leaders of governments, the private sector, and the civil society for concrete actions towards a low-carbon world. The goal was to sum up all the ambitions to reduce emission and fight the climate change in order to speed up the negotiations for a new worldwide contract about climate protection and emission reduction objectives… the last agreement that has been signed up was the Kyoto Protocol, in 1997.

We are aware of the dangerous and catastrophic cause-effect relationship between the climate change and the natural disasters that every year affect millions of people all around the world. It’s not possible to keep delaying the concrete answers. For this reason, Kito has supported the actions taken by its local partner in the Philippines, ICLEI that has promoted during the Climate Summit in NYC the “City talk” event: it launched the Compact of Mayors, considered the biggest effort for cities to cut down GHG emissions and absorb  the impact of climate change. Under the Compact of Mayors, cities will report their climate commitments, actions and inventories on reporting platforms which will be linked to the central repository carbonn Climate Registry, the world’s leading reporting platform for local and sub-national climate action.

“All of us, we have to engage and bring all of our will for a liveable sustainable future for generations to come” David Cadman, ICLEI president

Last modified: 30/09/2014