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We all know what it’s happening in Syria: men, women, children have lost their homes and their relatives and now they have been forced to flee their country in search for safety.

Stories of the daily life allow us to understand better how children live this tragedy and how they keep smiling and hoping for a better future. Here we want to report the story of Aya, a girl of 8 years from Syria. According to UNICEF, she witnessed the destruction of her house and now she lives with her father and brothers in a makeshift tent in Lebanon. Aya’s father said that in the family she is the only one who hasn’t been educated. In fact it has been almost two years that Aya is lacking of education and she really desires to go back to school, she wants to be a doctor to help children. She says “If they come to see me and they don’t have money, I will give them medicine, a prescription and an injection, so they can get better” and above all she hopes she can go back to her home “I love and miss Syria”, she says.

Watch the full video of Aya here.

Believing in the right to education for building a community of free people, Kito Onlus promotes its projects in countries affected by conflicts and emergencies with a special commitment with children’s education and assistance.

With this post we want to show our concern on what it is happening in Syria and we wish powerful people will take the most appropriate decisions to prevent war.

Last modified: 06/09/2013