DSC_0849Dear friends,

In this period Kito Onlus President, Paola Vecchiato, and our Field Assistant intern, Liliana Demartini, are in the Philippines for monitoring and assessing the status of the on-going projects. In the past days, they have visited the Center for the “2 Million Trees” project in San Francisco – Camotes Islands, to which Kito Onlus has given a contribution with the project Cash for Work. The aim of the “2 Million Tree” project is to re-instate the coastal areas which have undergone a tremendous process of deforestation; indeed, our Cash for Work project includes activities of coastal clean-up and mangrove reforestation to enhance environmental sustainability, providing the community with a cleaner and safer place to live.

Today, 11 local people are involved in the project by working in the Center, where they are growing 40,000 plants. The latter are let in the sun for three months, where they are free to grow, and then they are eventually planted. The type of plants that are grown are many and diverse: in local language they are called buyos, mahogany, atis, patomaria, tallish: these are native of the area and therefore ideal for being reintroduced in the eco-system.


Last modified: 05/02/2015