carteHello everyone!

This week we have been a lot into our semester charity event “Burraco”. This year, however, it was even more urgent than last year, seen the terrible typhoon that has devastated the Philippines two weeks ago. Therefore, we have organized this event in order to raise funds for the recent emergency in the Philippines, and we are proud to say that, at the end of the day, the total amount was 620 euros. We are proud to say that the 100% of the amount will indeed reach the Philippines, and more specifically the city of San Francisco, Camotes Islands, very much damaged by the recent typhoon

Such a contribution could really make a difference in a developing country such as the Philippines. Plus, the afternoon we shared with some very generous Burraco players, has also been amusing for all of us!

Actually we also had a rich lottery that included some of the finest brands as prizes, that our guests have very much enjoyed. As we are organizing many other events for our fundraising campaign to help out the Philippines, we are definitely on the right path! However, the needs of the Filipino population are not completely met yet, and a lot has still to be done, so we appeal to all of our readers and supporters to help us, and donate to our ongoing EMERGENCY FUND: make a special gift for Christmas, and be generous to someone in real need!

Last modified: 22/11/2013