As we already know, the Philippines are very prone to events such as typhoons, but also earthquakes hit the archipelago over the time: both the happenings can destroy houses and other buildings, among their terrible effects. Everybody can at least image the seriousness and hardship of loosing a home, but what if would it happen several times? This is the risk Filipinos take by rebuilding their homes without observing standard for disaster resistant houses, and this is what Kito Onlus is trying to avoid.

First of all, we are going to observe strict rules in the building of the new Health Center in San Francisco Camotes Islands in order to make it typhoons and earthquakes resistant. Secondly, we take the advantage of this opportunity to offering Preparedness Earthquake and Typhoons Trainings also to men involved in the construction: they will learn how to build earthquake and typhoon resistant adobes.


Building houses safer and sounder is an essential aspect of the disaster prevention, and Kito Onlus project will not only positively affect the response of the Barangays to disasters, but it will also give to these men an important skill they will be able to spend in several ways.

This project is part of the usual Kito Onlus’ Disaster Prevention Trainings. One of them was taken on December in an elementary school and included several demonstrations on how to behave in case of natural disasters.


Last modified: 21/12/2015