The Banilad elementary school construction project has come to an end! Since when the construction works restarted in October 2017 they never stopped. Our Field Assistant Anna Orlando, a volunteer of Architects Without Borders Onlus, our project partner, completed her first mission in the Philippines in December 2017. In two months the works at the school proceeded very fast and a construction training was organized with the participation of Paola Vecchiato, Kito Onlus’ President, who flew to the Philippines in order to monitor the building site and to meet local stakeholders. Anna told us about her experience in the Philippines in the blog post that you can read here.

In January 2018 Anna came back to Banilad to complete what she began and since then the roof, the windows, the coating in Sawali, the suspended ceiling and the floors painting were realized. Once these works were done the Banilad elementary school was officially inaugurated during an event that saw the participation of the Mayor and of the community of Banilad.


To be fair, it is since the beginning of the project that the involvement of the Banilad community deserves to be recognized. Indeed, among the things that gave us satisfaction during the reconstruction works there is the high rate of participation of local volunteers, that made the rebuilding of the school a good example of a participated project! The daily average of volunteer workers was around 5/6, but during days of more intense activity the number was around 20. Not only local workers, also the materials that were used were the local ones, a decision made in order to make the most out of available materials, to lower the environmental impact and to reduce costs.

That said though, what makes us really proud of this project is knowing that kids are happy to finally have their school back!


One of the drawings made by the children of the school to thank Anna, Paola and Kito Onlus!

Last modified: 28/12/2019