hospitalHi everybody! Today the keyword is HEALTH!

Did you know that about one month people all around the world celebrated the World Health Day? Each year on April 7 lots of events, conferences and summits remember us how important and fundamental hygiene and prevention are to live a healthier and happier life.

In some countries the right of health is not a right for all. Conflicts, poverty and natural disasters make the access to basic medical care pretty tough for the majority of the people, above all among the poorest households. Just to give you a broad idea, we remind you some of the most impressive catastrophes happened in recent years: the hurricane Mitch, that caused floods and thousand of deaths in Nicaragua and Honduras; two earthquakes in Turkey; floods caused by the monsoon in Orissa; an earthquake in Colombia; other floods in Vietnam; several tsunamis in the Pacific and in New Guinea; the hurricane Keith in Belize; an earthquake in Haiti; destructive famines in Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as numerous bloody wars all around the world.

As you can easily perceive, most of them hit developing countries, where living conditions are unstable, there are no hospitals or highly educated doctors and children die just because of preventable diseases.

With Kito-Health we can help the affected people of these disasters to stand up again and go ahead with their lives just after the emergency!

You can actively play your role in this project, discover the several opportunities you have to support us on our website. And stay tuned for the upcoming posts on this blog!

Last modified: 09/05/2013