Kito has reached many goals in the Philippines with its Kito Units and its hygiene trainings, but we have many plans even here in Padua!
In fact, Kito has planned a very busy schedule of meetings aimed to increase awareness here in the area about health and prevention issues, which are vital in countries like Philippines.
Music, food, books, and trip stories: these are the frameworks of every “AperiKITO”… but we surely hold some surprises we won’t reveal!
Fortunately, Kito has many friends who are making themselves available supporting its cause. All the Kito’s staff is pleased to have them on its side!
The first “AperiKITO”, scheduled for 28th may 2015, is going to involve chef Erika, known as Cuoca Paglia, wine producer Giuseppe Paolo Trisciuzzi and the musicians Anna Bonetti and Lorenzo Terminelli.
Every “AperiKITO” has charitable and fundraising goals.
We are planning some new hygiene trainings, and we want to distribute some more “Kito hygiene kits”, namely to Filipino women. We are also going to launch a new project, a health centre in San Francisco, in the Camote Islands (Philippines).
You can make the most of it: spend a feel-good evening while doing something good for many families in the Philippines.
Feeling good while doing good! That’s the “Aperikito”!
Don’t miss it!!!



Last modified: 26/05/2015