Anti PolioDear supporters,

Also the month of September has been full of activities for our Kito Unit in San Fernando, La Union. An Oral Polio Vaccine Mass Immunization Program for children aged 5 months – 5 years old has been reactivated by the Filipino Department of Health, and has been provided at the Kito Health Unit. Additionally, anti-measles and rubella (MMR) vaccines have been provided alongside of the polio vaccination: in the month of September 350 children under 5 years old had access to the treatment in the Kito Unit. 

Polio is a highly contagious disease that causes permanent disability and even death. It only takes drops of polio vaccine to protect a child from the dreaded disease. If the campaign will be successful and high routine immunization coverage will be sustained, polio will remain a vague memory from the distant past also in the Philippines, that was certified polio-free in 2000. For what it concerns the MMR vaccines, the Secretary of Health of the Philippines has declared that:

“The elimination of measles is part of the country’s commitment to achieve Millennium Development Goal #4 to reduce child mortality and this campaign is one step nearer to reach that goal and we are committed to minimize or totally interrupt the transmission of measles and rubella”

Our Health Unit is contributing to the success of the campaign, in order to protect the Filipino children and prevent the spread of diseases!

Last modified: 22/10/2014