Dear followerfunds allocation graphs,

we are happy to share with you our 2014 Annual Report, and some data on the type of activities and treatments that our Kito-Health unit in San Fernando, La Union, has offered to the beneficiaries. Moreover, we would like to share with you some data on the financial efficiency of our organization. 

As you can learn from the 2014 Annual Report, last year was not extremely lucky from the financial point of view, given the deep economic crisis that has hit our economy. Nevertheless, we have been able to do the best of the funds we have raised, dedicating up to 75% of raised amount directly to the projects that Kito is running in the Philippines.

Comparing this data to 2013 Annual Report, it seems like Kito has dedicated a smaller percentage of resources to in-field projects: instead, fixed expenses of the organization have remained steady, hence the decrease of the percentage of resources addressed to the projects is due solely to the dramatic decrease in raised funds. Therefore, we can affirm that the efficiency of the organization has not been undermined.

Giving a closer look to resources dedicated to the projects in San Fernando, La Union, and San Francisco – Camotes Islands, it is interesting to underline how with our projects we have reached 8546 direct beneficiaries with a total amount of money of 10,153 €, working at an efficiency index of 1.19 €/direct beneficiaries. 

As a conclusion, Kito Onlus staff is very proud of these results that highlight the efficiency of the organization and its ability to reach and change the lives of thousands of beneficiaries.

Last modified: 04/02/2015