CIMG4997Hi everybody! As we promised in our first post, we would like to inform and update you about the progresses and the developments of our project!

Despite the collaboration with CWF is advancing very slowly basically due to a lack of communication, yesterday our president Paola and our office assistant Federica went to Marghera, a little town close to Venice where the technicians are building Kito-School. There, we met the engineers and the carpenters working on the construction of the school. As you can see in the picture the mechanism is almost ready.

Many issues were debated to improve the structure and to propose new and useful ideas in order to make Kito-School as efficient and handy as possible!

One of the main issues touched during the meeting was about the dimensions of the School, especially about the height, because in some developing countries there are different rules for the transport of this kind of structure, and because of that, we decided to make it available for shipping and delivery to any country. We also discussed the arrangement of the solar panels, which will be located on the mobile part of the school in order to remain protected during the transport, avoiding damage before arriving on the site (to take a look at the technical features visit our page); furthermore we decided about the positioning of the battery, (energy storage system) that will provide light and energy during the night and in case of energy shortages. Finally we decided to dedicate a space for a refrigerator for the storage of vaccines and other medicines, together with a small closet for the first aid box.

As you can perceive Kito-School is committed to respect all the safety standards, willing to be ready to face any type of emergency!

Now we just have to wait for the construction to be completed, (probably within the next two weeks) and then we can start with the achievement of the school! This is great, isn’t it?!

PS: Another important collaboration is in the air… follow us and you’ll find it out!

Last modified: 16/05/2013