2019 was a very positive year for Kito Onlus and it allowed a further consolidation of the Association both at an organizational and at an operational level.

As the report at the link shows, the Association reached great achievements this year, carrying on its activities in the Philippines and in Italy as well.

In 2019, the two KITO-Health Centres located in San Francisco and San Fernando La Union continued with their operations, successfully assisting the population in dire need of medical treatment.






AlsoThe Banilad Elementary School, rebuilt in 2018, has proved to be a valuable resource for the local community who used it as an evacuation center during the recent Tisoy typhoon, due to its safety features.

An important novelty in 2019 was the launching of a WASH project 13 Minority Elementary Schools in Mindoro Island, with the purpose of providing them with pit latrines and water systems, reaching 2,145 direct beneficiaries.

At the same time, we have been working on the construction of a multipurpose facility in Caldarola (MC), in Italy,  in order to guarantee the recovery of social activities for the affected population, especially children, and in collaboration with local associations.

With regards to the Association’s activities in Padua, where the permanent seat is located, the traditional AperiKitos continued in 2019.

2020 will still be a year full of initiatives and projects. Indeed, in order to extend its area of intervention, a project has been prepared in Senegal (presented to the Waldensian Church for the contribution), in collaboration with the Archi.Media Trust and NASS Associations. Its main objective is the construction of a maternal-child clinic in Colibantan. The center, of about 180 square meters. will be in unbaked clay and will use the low-cost self-construction system, with a sustainable approach to local development.

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