As those who have been following us during the latest year may already know, 2017 was a year rich of activities for Kito Onlus, and you can read all about it in our Annual Report 2017, available here!

From the report emerged that the work done by Kito Onlus was really satisfying.

The Kito-Health Unit in San Fernando la Union continued to carry on its prevention programmes with the help of the Barangay Volunteer Workers and the Municipality and in 2017 it offered support to 2,286 patients. In 2018 the Kito HUT will be operative in another Barangay, still in San Fernando, with the aim to help a community more needy of sanitary assistance. Given the great results reached by the unit during the years, there is no doubt that the presence of the Kito HUT will consistently improve the life conditions of its new patients!

At the beginning of the year Paola Vecchiato, Kito Onlus’ President, went on a mission in San Francisco in the Camotes Islands and on February 7 the Kito Health Center was inaugurated and officially donated to the Municipality. Thanks to the Open Hospital software, realized by Informatics Without Borders and installed on the computer of the center, it was possible to monitor the activities of the structure. Moreover, in line with the objectives of the project, the software was also able to simplify the daily duties of the medical staff, by registering patients, pharmaceuticals and medical treatments.

Finally, the reconstruction of the Banilad elementary school made many progresses! The contribution we received by the OPM Waldensian Church was essential to permit us to re-open the construction site and thanks to the collaboration with Architects Without Borders we could benefit from the help of volunteer Anna Orlando, present in Banilad for the last months of 2017 in order to supervise and manage the construction works.
By the end of October Anna was temporary reached by Paola Vecchiato and in this occasion a construction training for the volunteers workers of the construction site was organized.


There were also some activities realized in Padova! Three Aperikito Plus, a photo exhibition, a Christmas dinner…they were all events aimed to promote Kito Onlus’ work, to collect funds, to create and keep a wider network of donors and supporters, which is what permits Kito Onlus to keep on working efficiently.


Part of the funds collected in 2017 is devoted to our new project in Caldarola (read about it here) that is going to start in 2018…what else to say then, this year as well will see other interesting projects on their way, so stay tuned!

Last modified: 28/12/2019