Philippines_floods_cHello followers! Today we are very pleased to inform you all that we have finally come to achieve a decision on which will be the city receiving the Mobile Unit!

It has been a hard choice to take, and we want to thank ICLEI once more for being a strong partner in this project! We have evaluated all candidate cities on the basis of their need of our structure, along with the poverty statistics presented and the management they intended to put in place to make it work.

As we said we are glad to inform you all that the winner is…


The city is identified as typhoon-prone and tsunami-risk area with a quite high poverty threshold. In the last year three big typhoon hit the area causing huge damages and losses. The Unit will be located where it is needed the most and will be an integral part of the evacuation area during disasters.

We will keep you posted on the shipping of the Unit which will be after the official presentation on October, 11th. We are thrilled and proud of the accomplishment of the first part of the project and would like to thank in advance the mayor of SFLU, Pablo C. Ortega and the project manager who will help us to manage the unit effectively, Dr. Eduardo S. Posadas.

You can read the official press release at the following link.

Last modified: 07/10/2013