Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with you  the experience of our field assistants Alessandra and Liliana, who are involved in the carrying out of two health trainings in the Philippines. Liliana reached San Francisco, Camotes Islands, at the beginning of February with our President Paola, while Alessandra arrived in San Fernando, capital of the province of La Union, at the beginning of this month.

After arriving in San Fernando, Alessandra met ICLEI SEA, which is Kito’s local partner in the Philippines, the local authorities and the personnel of the Kito Health Unit, which started its activities in February 2014. After several consultations with the staff of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), with Dr. Posadas of the City Health Office (CHO), with the midwife and the Barangays volunteers, it was decided to approve the program that provides one session per week starting from April 10 until May 29, 2015.

DSC_1458The the target group of the “Health, Hygiene and Prevention Training” will be composed especially by mothers who will be selected by the midwife and the volunteers, who are very familiar with the population and have a daily contact with it. Participants will be selected among residents of three barangays (Sagayad, Narra Este and Narra Oueste) and the number for each of them will vary accordingly to the population of the barangay in order to reach a total of 100 beneficiaries. Participants will be divided into four groups of up to 25 people each, so as to encourage participation and discussion during the sessions of the training.

11046843_912348572120800_9189234991176602647_nA special thank to Jennifer, one of the nurses working for the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), who is translating the entire Manual in Tagalog (the local language), fundamental to work with the volunteers of the Barangay who do not speak English.

DSC_0741Liliana, together with the personnel of the rural health center (RHU), started the first Health Training in Tulang Diot, Camotes Islands, last month. During the second session (February 27th), nurses Hazel, Herzel and Louella, after a short review of the previous session with questions posed to the participants about the topics discussed (hand washing, safe motherhood, infectious diseases), presented many different topics. Hazel spoke about personal hygiene, in particular food safety  and dental care, with a particular focus on children; finally respiratory diseases, such as cough, tuberculosis and asthma, very common diseases among the local community. Herzel instead spoke of “accident prevention” and “injury treatment”. The nurses informed the participants of the need of consulting specialists and not healers, and discouraged these inefficient practices. Finally she presented the issue of malnutrition and proper nutrition: the class completed the food pyramid and the various properties of food and quantities recommended for a balanced diet were explained. Louella dealt with the issues of breastfeeding and newborn health through the use of material in local language provided by the health center of the municipality. Correct methods for breastfeeding and the timing fits were explained.

DSC_0675The first two groups completed the training March 6th and the participation rate to the second and the third session was approximately 100%. Nurses Aricel, Herzel and Christine hold the last session of the training dealing with topics such as “complementary feeding”, natural and artificial contraceptive methods (Aricel), the various types of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS , chlamydia , herpes , gonorrhea , syphilis and how to avoid infections (Herzel). Finally Christine revised the topics discussed in the previous sessions and distributed the final quiz and a questionaire for final evaluation. Another special thanks to all the nurses involved.

DSC_0720The third and the fourth group attended the first two sessions last week and they will complete the training next Monday: the participation is always high and we are receiving also positive feedbacks. Participants have been invited to the Final Day, set for March 24th at 1pm, in which all groups will be present and hygiene kits and participation certificates will be delivered.

Last modified: 19/03/2015