Following the earthquakes that violently hit Central Italy in August and October 2016 the municipality of Caldarola, in province of Macerata, ended up severely damaged. 60% of the urban territory  was declared red zone and the whole community was shocked. Gladly there were no victims but over 800 (on a total amount of of 1,900) local inhabitants were forced to move to hotels on the coast of the Marches, being impossible for them to keep living in Caldarola.


Today the situation remains complex in Caldarola, not only from a material and a structural point of view but also on a social level and for every age group. Because of the seismic events elderly people lost what they have been building during their entire life, younger people were forced to find a better place to live in and for what it concerns the youngest kids it is enough to remember that they have a container instead of a kindergarten.

Since the beginning, the administration of Caldarola has been committed to give back to the community the present and the future it deserves and it has already benefit from the help offered by different associations. But since Caldarola is a little community, it has always lacked of mediatic visibility and support on a national level. Therefore, the mayor of Caldarola contacted Kito Onlus looking for help. Clearly, we didn’t turn our back! And Architects Without Borders Veneto, our partners in the project of reconstruction of the Banilad school in the Philippines, enthusiastically joined us for a new collaboration! Together the two organizations started to design the construction of a 1,400 sq.m. polyfunctional structure in lamellar beams, following the community’s needs and criteria of environmental sustainability, a unity meant to be operative in the long term, even after the historical center of the municipality is rebuilt. The construction of the structure is going to take place in a housing area that is external to the first necleus of houses and near to a place that is already set up for kids to play. The center aims to be a place for the promotion of activities and laboratories with the involvement of local associations especially dealing  with adolescents, with the aim of making young people an active part of the reconstruction project and an element of continuity in the life of Caldarola.

In post-emergency moments like those generated by natural disasters is important to assure the presence of places for social aggregation, in order for the social fabric to stay strong and be regenerated by communitarian moments able to accelerate the post-traumatic recover and to give back to citizens trust in their territories.

Kito Onlus and Architects Without Borders have already started to successfully collect funds for this project and at this regard we thank once again the participants of the Kito Christmas Dinner for the solidarity they have shown! We still need support though, in order for this project to be realized starting from 2018. Would you like to help us? You can do it with a donation through credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Every contribution is precious!



Last modified: 28/12/2019