10271516_787719437986369_7114969824942263662_nDear friends,

The new year started off just right for Kito Onlus, with a mission in the Philippines in order to monitor the progresses and assess the goals that we have been reached so far.
At the end of January our President, Paola Vecchiato, has flown to the Philippines and here are the first updates on her whereabouts:

In the first days of the mission, she arranged a meeting at the Italian Embassy, where she met with the Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno, the First Secretary Alfonso Tagliaferri, and the Program Manager for the Italian Development Cooperation Carlo De Rosa.

During the meeting Kito Onlus President has brought them up to date on the activities of the Organization in San Fernando, La Union – where Kito Health Center is up and running since last year, and on the reconstruction projects following typhoon Yolanda in San Francisco, Camotes Islands.

On the same day, she met the staff of ICLEI, the local partner of Kito Onlus in the Philippines, at its headquarter in the Ateneo of Manila University, with the aim of evaluating the possibility to run other projects in the Philippines.

Stay tuned for the next steps of the mission: Kito Health first year anniversary celebrations in San Fernando, La Union, and the beginning of the training activities in San Francisco, Camotes Islands!!

Last modified: 11/02/2015