In this article, of which you can read the first part here, we keep on evaluating Kito Onlus’ activity at the light of the Charter of Trento and the Millennium Development Goals.

5 and 4. Improve maternal health and reduce child mortality

The Charter of Trento consider together the Development Goals 5 and 4, reminding us how much the health of mothers-to-be and child mortality are strictly connected issues, as well as the threats they have to face: mortality and disability of mothers and children are present in high numbers. Moreover, it is not only an individual issue; the Charter in fact underlines that “investment in maternal health not only improves the health conditions of the woman and of her family, especially of the daughters, but has significative and positive repercussions in terms of reduction of poverty” proving therefore to be an essential component for the development of communities.

During the years Kito Onlus took the problem of the health of mothers and children very seriously, proposing vaccination campaigns and trainings aimed to promote better individual behaviours, spreading hygiene, nutrition, prevention, contracception and birth control practices. Results have shown up! Through the promotion of Family Planning in 2016 the Kito Health Unit (whose main sectors of interventions are maternal health and nutrition, as you can read here) registered a lower maternal rate, especially among teenagers, that went down from 0,76% in 2014 to 0,29% in March 2016, and a higher percentage of children in good health conditions, from 66,53% to 73,11% (if you wish to know more abot how data relates, read here).

3.Promote gender equality and empower women

The Charter of Trento explains that women’s participation to the political, economic and cultural life does not only improve the life of the single woman but it enriches the whole community. We have already talked about the attention given by Kito Onlus to the women in the health sector, so here we remind that our organization is committed in involving women in community’s activities. An example can be found in the construction of the Health Center in San Francisco, to whom the women of the community partecipated by working the bamboo.

2.Achieve universal primary education

Education is “fundamental all life long and touches every sector in an existence full of dignity”. Especially those who have been following us lately, will know that Kito Onlus is currently committed in guaranteeing children their right to have an education, through the reconstruction of the Banilad Elementary School, which after being severely damaged by a thypoon in 2015 could not provide kids with scholastic continuity.

1.Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Poverty and hunger are among the major challenges for international cooperation in the next years, since their eradication is a necessary condition in order for the other goals to be reached”. Among the actions proposed by the Charter the ones that mainly relates to the work of Kito Onlus are the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of renewable energy. We already talked about it in relation to the developent goal 7 (ensure environmental sustainability) but we repeat it here as well: Kito Onlus designs and builds structures that respect the environment, promotes the usage of local materials – also in order to save energy and resources in trasportation – and energetic sustainability: this is a modus operandi that can truly improve the life of the communities in which it works!

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Last modified: 10/11/2017