The 7 February 2017 with the opening of a Health Unit in San Francisco (Camote Islands), a turning point has been signed for Kito Onlus since one of the most challenging 2016 projects has been concluded. The construction started on February 2016 and our president went on three different missions throughout the months in order to direct the yard.

More precisely, our project consisted in the construction of a  80 square meters Health Center sided by an energy- providing system made of photovoltaic panels. The building has been entirely made of local stone and wood together with bamboo finishes, respecting the Green Building parameters which have always been a  focal point of Kito’s “modus operandi”. In the construction process, many women of the island have been involved, all those who- in 2015- attended the hygiene and prevention training made up by Kito Onlus. Another person who has been particularly essential to our project is Serena Fioravanti, Field Assistant, committed to the realisation of the Health Center internal area and who attended various meetings with both the local institutions and the community.

The direct beneficiaries of our Health Center are all the 7.000 inhabitants of Barangay Esperanza even though indirect beneficiaries can be considered all the 47.357 inhabitants of the island that is divided into 15 Barangay.

A further step towards a resilient society!

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Last modified: 17/05/2017