The Sermig – Young Missionary Service – Arsenal of Peace is an organization born in 1964 with the aim of fighting hunger worldwide, promoting development and solidarity towards the poorest. Sermig works by giving special attention to young people, to teach them the culture of peace. Yes, the culture! Because peace does not simply mean the absence of war, but it is a set of values, attitudes and daily modes of behaviour based on non-violence, tolerance and solidarity. Peace is a way of being, acting and living in the society that is to be taught, promoted, and developed. For this reason, Kito Onlus is thrilled to support Sermig and the 5th World Youth Meeting of Peace that will be held on Saturday 13th May in Padua, where Kito is headquartered. It will be a day of testimonies and meetings for young people and adults from all over Italy and the rest of the world who commit every day to say no to hatred and violence and to say yes to peace!
We are waiting for you at Prato della Valle, Padua, from 14.30 to 19.30.
To submit your registration to the event and a more detailed look at the day schedule and the rest of Sermig’s activities, you can visit their site here.

Last modified: 11/05/2017