Kito Onlus left behind a year full of successes and news. In fact, not only the activities of the Kito-Health Unit in San Fernando the Union, which last year hosted 21,820 patients, are continuing, but the reconstruction of Banilad Elementary School in the province of Est-Mindoro has begun with the new collaboration of “Architetti Senza Frontiere Veneto” (Architects Without Borders of Veneto Region), in San Francisco the construction of the Health Center has been completed and a training course focused on typhoon-prone building techniques has been promoted. In addition, as the ones who follow us already know, one of the big news of 2016 is the collaboration with “Informatici Senza Frontiere” (Informatics Without Borders), which enabled the implementation of Open Hospital, a simple and intuitive software suitable to manage all the activities of the new hospital in San Francisco. Even in financial terms, 2016 has been a year of growth. In fact, around €41,000 was collected through private donations, fundraising events, public and private contributions.

allocation of resources eng

As the pie chart shows, the 80% of the funds, about € 35,000, has been invested in field projects. The efficiency of Kito’s allocation of resources can be demonstrated by the number of direct beneficiaries that Kito has reached by supporting projects of great impact on people’s living conditions and emergency prevention. Specifically, we talk about 21,820 direct beneficiaries of Kito Health Unit in San Fernando and approximately 7,000 inhabitants of Barangay Esperanza of San Francisco (PH), future beneficiaries of the new San Francisco Medical Center.
For more information on Kito’s activities in 2016, you can download the Annual Report here.

Last modified: 08/05/2017